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A good friend of mine became a grandmother this week to a grandchild who was born with Mercury in Taurus. This made me smile as I have a good feeling about people born with Mercury in Taurus, that being my husband and all.

Mercury is a zippy planet, taking only 88 days to cruise one full rotation around the sun. Therefore it spends about 2-3 weeks in each sign (unless it is in retrograde).

Mercury represents your reasoning ability, your mind and the way you communicate, so whatever sign it is in at the time of your birth tells a bit of your story. Of course you also have to take into consideration what house it is placed in, what aspects it makes to other planets as well as what houses it rules... but I digress!

Mercury in Taurus people like to think about things like values and resources and typically have very good minds for business. They rarely jump to conclusions as they like to have all the evidence first. But once they form an opinion, they can be stubborn!

I love watching the way my husband thinks. He is often the last person to speak at parties and when he does- it’s solid. I also see him measure his communication with me, which is sometimes life saving. I envy his ability to say exactly what he means.

I was born with my Mercury in Sagittarius so love subjects like philosophy and religion and anthropology and I have a lot of varying interests. I can be a blur of words, prone to talking out my opinion as I’m forming it, which has often gotten me into hot water. My father used to say “Shannon! THINK before you SPEAK!” Lol.

People born with Mercury in Sag are sharp and sincere but they really need to focus their mental forces!

More on the planet of thinking and communications below…


In Aries: Imaginative and idealistic, you can express fully and improvise beautifully. You need to cultivate patience for sustained mental effort. You love a good debate and can pivot fast to win.

In Gemini: Mercury is quite dashing in Gemini as it is the sign it rules! Versatile and unbiased- you usually have an excellent vocabulary and are able to communicate and write well and easily.

In Cancer:  Your mind is retentive and creative though you can be swept up by your emotions sometimes. You are a sensitive listener with sound business ability and a dedicated focus towards family.

In Leo: You think dramatically and always with your heart. Proud and quite happy to be in command, you make an excellent teacher and could be successful in theatre, fine arts or the stock market.

In Virgo: Mercury also rules the sign of Virgo so feels pretty honestly lit up here. Your mind sorts ideas quickly making you great at detailed scientific work, literature and an A+ scholar.

In Libra: Never one to rush to judgement, you abhor arguments and prefer civilized discussion! Your natural interest in the thinking behaviours of others makes you a great diplomat or psychologist.

In Scorpio: Your mental determination is boundless and you make a scarily shrewd intellectual adversary. You love investigating the dark rooms of photography, the mind, science and big business.

In Capricorn: Methodical in both thought and procedure, you have natural executive and political ability. Don't worry about how hard communication can feel for you- when you get it, you kill it.

In Aquarius: Able to absorb abstract ideas easily, you are keen, sociable and often self-taught in your field. You ruminate over matters of human interest and value truth over social acceptance.

In Pisces: You tend to be perceptive and poetic and only let people you really trust in on your thinking. You react from the subconscious mind and have a great love of music and artistry.

If you don’t know what sign Mercury was in at the time of your birth, shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll fill you in.

Mercury is headed into Gemini this Wednesday, May 5th and will going retrograde for a few weeks in the sign so will be in the sign of Gemini until the second week of July!



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