About Us!

Welcome to Shannon Astrology, an astrology & gift bag business owned and operated by me- Shannon Cunningham. 

I am originally from small-town Nova Scotia having grown up in a wee village with a population of 273 people. I attended University in Halifax where I studied Journalism at Kings and completed my BA in Theatre at Dalhousie. I’ve received training in transpersonal psychology from the Psychosynthesis Institute in CA and am qualified as a Life Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation. Over the years, I’ve worked as an actor, musician, teacher, counsellor, tour guide, bartender, server and fine dining restaurant manager. I've had my fingers in a lot of pies...

When I moved to Toronto in 2000, I started studying astrology and slowly but surely, fell deeply in love with the subject. In 2009, I completed my diploma in Chart Consultation with the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE) and hung out my shingle as a practicing astrologer. I do natal and forecasting readings for clients, teach classes  for the CAAE, and I have served on their board for the last 10 years in many different roles.  

What I love most about astrology is that it provides me with insights into what makes us humans who we are and this helps me to be a more accepting person. It is just all too easy to measure the world by your own soul. Am I right? I hope to use astrology to increase awareness, understanding & better the lives of others.  BIG goal. Astrology is also a hell of a lot of fun and this is what I endeavour to bring to the Shannon Astrology gifts I make and curate. I want everything you unwrap in your Sun Sign gift bag to be a sweet and inspiring treat!

Being good to the planet and my fellow human beings is important to me. For this reason, all the hand made products that go into Shannon Astrology gift bags are eco-friendly, as local, fair trade and organic as possible, and all of the wrapping for the stuff is recyclable and reusable. 

Currently, I live in the East end of Toronto with my husband Harrison. He is a Gemini, the one sign I said I would never date...