Shannon is truly gifted. My session with her connected so many dots;  I discovered things about myself that had baffled me for a long time. It gave me a great peace to understand that it is part of my make up. Now I can rest in that and know that  things will shift as the planets move!

She showed me how to look at the challenges of my life through a new lens. Explained to me what areas to get support so that I could thrive more in my personal life and my work. It’s definitely been the most helpful astrology session I ever had! I highly recommend her.

Sukhdev Jackson: Founder of Shakti School & Musician with Aykanna


Shannon is wonderful with outstanding knowledge and great insight. I learned so much about myself and especially my superpower! I felt safe to share my challenges and Shannon was very genuine and generous in her guidance. Great experience and highly recommended.

Tamador Gazzaz- Juddah, Saudi Arabia


Shannon is a fabulous Astrologer!  She was highly recommended and I had my initial Natal Chart reading with her.  She nailed so many of my traits and issues in that reading I was absolutely astounded!  Shannon is very knowledgeable and keeps everything very confidential.   I love her readings as they are always very insightful.  

Catherine Preston- St. Catherine’s, ON


I absolutely loved my reading with Shannon. Her deep love and passion for astrology shone through, as well as her presence with me. Her approach was intuitive and detailed. I was able to learn things about myself that I knew to be true, but had not named, which allowed freedom of acceptance for myself. We focused on love and relationships and she was able to tell me the sort of person I would jive well with and she was absolutely on target. The quirky behaviours that I do in relationships turns out to be part of who I am and embracing and accepting myself for who I am is key. I am now seeking out partners who fit this profile and will be asking Shannon's assistance along the way :)

Colleen Helgason- Owner & Registered Massage TherapistSun & Moon Integrated Wellness


I had a great birth chart reading with Shannon. She is highly intuitive and  has the ability to see “through” the chart. She shared a lot of information that just made sense and explained a couple of major areas in my life, which one had been a lifelong question for me. I am truly grateful for your wonderful soul and for our amazing session.

Abeer Albornu, Juddah, Saudi Arabia


I met Shannon in a seemingly chance encounter and was immediately drawn to her warm and caring personality. Being a practical engineer, and someone who doesn’t follow astrology at all, I was very skeptical a few weeks later going into what was my first ever reading. However, I’m glad I did and was pleasantly surprised about how insightful our time together was.

Hafeez Habib, Toronto, ON


As a person who has always believed in the science of astrology, I didn’t need “proof” of the technical side of this practice.  But when Shannon showed me my chart and explained it, I knew right away she KNEW what she was talking about as a technician because her chart read was incredibly detailed.  

For example, I didn’t know my exact time of birth.  I gave Shannon a range of 6 to 8 am because, according to my mother, I was born “sometime in the early morning”.  Shannon used her process to ascertain birth times but then focused it with what she knew about me and my personality. She estimated a birth time of 8:40 am (which I thought was too late based on what my mother had said!) Completely by chance, I recently came across a copy of my birth certificate.  Amazingly, it showed a birth time of 8:31 am!

But Shannon is so much more than technically proficient.  As a consummate student of human nature, she explains how the chart indications may play out for you given your personality and how it could impact your daily life.  This is where she truly excels, as she explains things in a way that makes the sometimes esoteric information personal, insightful and helpful.  For those of us who are trying to live in harmony with the universe this is essential knowledge. 

Recently she told me there may be some issues coming up with possible renovations to my living space.  Since I had no plans to do this I just put this information in my back pocket.  So a month later, when our landlord decided to renovate the laundry room, redo the basement hallway and completely overhaul the pool area in our building I just smiled … she had seen it coming a mile away!

I can’t recommend her enough, and I will always rely on use her services when those big (or small) life questions come up.  Shannon is a blessing!

 Lara Rodin- Owner & Homeopath & Holistic Nutritionist- Live Well With Lara


An e-mail I received from a recent client who is also an astrologer!

Hi Shannon

Just wanted to say a huge  “thank you” for yesterday.

It was extremely timely, and you said many things that I needed to hear – especially corroborating much of what I know I have to do.

I really like your style of delivery and you really got to the key issues incisively and intuitively.  It also helps to hear your own personal story – that sense of suffering alone with the many recent issues is lightened tremendously when you know someone else has been through those issues and is willing to share their experience.

I’d also like to thank you for managing to prise open areas of focus on natal delineation that, after many years of study, I had either overlooked or didn’t pay enough credence to (e.g. singletons, chart patterns and house system).

I’m really appreciative of the introduction to an alternative way of delineation and look forward to exploring it further and sharing notes with you!


Mark Hine