Sagittarius Gift Bag- November 23 to December 21, 23*

  • $60.00

Sagittarians will love the thought that goes into the curated items found in their Shannon Astrology Gift Bag. Sagittarius is a sign that inspires people and this is what the products in their bag will do for them!  A little pay back for all the wisdom and light they share:)

SAGITTARIUS - Sun Sign Gift Bag Includes:

• Your personal sun sign write up, detailing what Shannon has to say about being born with your sun in Sagittarius! WOW!

• A soy & coconut wax candle scented with pure essential oils specific to your sign. The Sagittarius candle is made with mandarin, black pepper and a touch of patchouli. 

• An amulet bracelet of powerful healing stones, aimed to help you with the folly of your sign. The stone selected for Sagittarius is Amazonite. The bracelet also has a lava bead on it which can act as an essential oil diffuser! 

• An organic loose leaf tea blended with your sign in mind. Sagittarius tea is a blend of black tea, bergamot oil, dried apple, calendula, osmanthus petals, mango, plantain leaf, lemon peel, natural essences and your liver booster- Milk Thistle.