Forecasting Reading

Forecasting Reading

  • $160.00

Yearly Forecast

A forecasting reading with me is about themes that are coming up for you at this time. We will look at where you are within the larger picture that is your life, and identify the best times to start something new, when to hunker down and work hard, or when to get ready for some unexpected events! 

What I love most about forecasting is that you can take advantage of what cycles of energy will be coming up for you. For example- I knew that Saturn was going to be in my 6th House for 2.5 years and so I had to be ready for the planet of restriction, austerity and limitations to go through my house of health, habits and routines. It would be challenging for my health so I had to work on my body and be sure to keep it strong. Another example was when Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, revolution and freedom was going to be crossing into my 10th House of reputation, profession and career, I had to be nimble and ready to make big changes in my career field. If I wasn't ready- I might resist the changes. And Uranus will not be resisted. Trust me, many have tried. He will break your door down...

Change is so hard for us humans and any bit of insight about what needs to change when is very helpful in life! Also nice to know when a love relationship might be coming into your life so you can be sure to be out in the world, looking your best and open to meeting someone!

Forecasting techniques used for your predictive reading include your Solar Return Chart as well as Transits, Progressions, Solar Arc and my personal favourite- the Progressed Lunation Cycle. 

The reading lasts 60-75 minutes and I will provide you with some notes afterwards so you don't have to be scribbling wildly during the session. 

**The yearly forecast is done for repeat clients who have already had a Natal Chart Reading with me**