Forecasting Reading

Forecasting Reading

  • $150.00

Yearly Forecast

This is not a crystal ball reading where I tell you exactly what is going to happen in the year ahead. No no! It’s more about cycles of energy and themes that are coming up for you at this time. We will look at where you are within the larger picture that is your life, and identify the best times to start something new, when to hunker down and work hard, or when to welcome change. 

Forecasting techniques used for your predictive reading include your Solar Return Chart as well as Transits, Progressions, Solar Arc and my personal favourite- the Progressed Lunation Cycle. 

The reading lasts 60-75 minutes and I will provide you with some notes afterwards so you don't have to be scribbling wildly during the session. 

**The yearly forecast is done for repeat clients who have already had a Natal Chart Reading with me**