Chart Rectification

Chart Rectification

  • $300.00

Natal Chart Rectification and Consultation

In my years as a practicing Astrologer, I have discovered that not a lot of people know their exact time of birth. They know a thereabouts ballpark number which is usually rounded up to the hour or half hour. 

Your exact time of birth is important for many reasons but especially for something like your Rising Sign which moves by one degree every four minutes (so changes signs every two hours) and which some astrologers say is the most important placement in a chart. The Moon is pretty zippy as well, as it moves a degree every two hours so changes sign every 2.5 days. And if you are a cusp baby, born on the actual day the Sun changes signs, the time of your birth becomes very important.

Mothers are usually not good sources for exact birth time information being all drugged up with natural hormones and actual drugs and being in the worst pain of their lives... I've heard it's quite the ordeal. And most parents do not think to prearrange a clock watcher to record the exact time you took your first breath for your future astrological reading!

Chart rectification is an area of astrological specialty that requires a great deal of skill to perform. I have even been able to help people who have no idea of their time of birth because they were adopted and have no hospital records. To accomplish the task, I do need you to provide me with a list of dates of major life events. The more life changing and exact the dates the better!

The rectification process is quite a lovely one. It asks people to be reflective in deep ways about their history, relationships and themselves. And of course, it ultimately provides a very accurate birth time!

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