Astrological Consultation

Astrological Consultation

  • $150.00

Astrological Natal Chart Reading

Natal Chart Readings take a look at your characteristics and potentials, according to what was happening in the sky at the time you took your first breath and you were filled with a wee scoop of stardust. I will let you know what your “astrological blueprint” indicates and how you might build on your strengths and weaknesses.

Before your session, you will be provided with a copy of your natal chart as well as an astrological legend so you can read the symbols and some notes on your planetary placements. If you are new to astrology, have a look at Oprahs chart below as a reference for how a Natal Chart  appears:


If you would like to focus the reading on a particular area of life, you can let me know beforehand. This could be about family, love, relationships, friendships, vocation or it could touch lightly on the whole gamut. I will also include some light forecasting for the year ahead with your Natal Chart Reading. 

The readings are done online, using Zoom or FaceTime, and last 60-75 minutes.

Please include your e-mail address when purchasing so I can send you my intake form and we can set up a time for the consultation.

If this is a gift for someone else- please provide me with their e-mail address.