Astrological Readings

Astrological Readings

I’m pretty flexible time wise, so can do both weekdays and weekends. 9am-5pm are my general hours, but I can stretch if need be. I can now do online readings via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. I mean, you have to love the technology. Recently, I did readings for two sisters in Saudi Arabia. It felt like magic to me.

To book a reading- contact me at and we will arrange for an appointment and payment and all that jazz.

Natal Readings

Natal Chart Readings take a look at your characteristics and potentials, according to your birth chart. I will let you know what your “astrological blueprint” indicates in terms of what comes easy and what comes hard for you. If you would like to focus the reading on a particular area of life, you can let me know beforehand. This could be about family, love, relationships, friendships, vocation or it could touch lightly on the whole gamut. Readings are 60 minutes in length plus preparation time beforehand. Cost is $125.

I will provide you with a copy of your natal chart, a little legend so you can make sense of the symbols, and some notes to nibble on later!

Yearly Forecast

The Year Ahead Predictive Reading is for my returning clients who have already had a natal chart analysis. This is not a crystal ball reading where I tell you exactly what is going to happen in the year ahead. No no! It’s more about cycles of energy and themes that are coming up for you at this time. We will look at where you are within the larger picture that is your life, and identify the best times to start something new, when to hunker down and work hard, or when to welcome change. You can let me know if there is an area of life you are particularly concerned with (career, love, purpose are the hot ones) and I will use various astrological techniques to let you know what is currently being activated in your chart. This is a 60 minute reading plus prep beforehand. Cost is $125

Sometimes, I go further than a year ahead. Certain cycles of energy will take a few years to play themselves out, and if I see this, I will let you know. I will also send you with a list of dates to watch our for, with notes on the significance of these dates.

Natal Chart Reading Plus 6-12 Month Forecast

A combo of the above. Lasts for 75 minutes plus hours of prep time beforehand. Cost is  $150