Gemini Gift Bag- May 21, 22* to June 21

  • $75.00

Gemini women will have their eyes light up as they dig into their Shannon Astrology Gift Bag full of goodies made just for them! Curious Geminis love to explore who they are in a playful way which is why they resonate strongly with all things Astrological.

GEMINI - Sun Sign Gift Bag Includes:

• Your personal sun sign scroll detailing what it means to have your sun in Gemini!

• A 12 square 65g bar of Chocosol Vanilla Sea Salt Chocolate made with organic and shade grown cocao

• A soy & coconut wax candle scented with pure essential oils specific to your sign. The Gemini candle is made with peppermint, marjoram and a touch of lavender. 

• An all-mineral lip gloss - Gemini "Air" lip gloss - matched to your signs natural element. 

• A stone or crystal aimed to help you with the folly of your sign accompanied by a visualization meditation. 

• An organic loose leaf tea blended with your sign in mind. Gemini tea is Osprey gunpowder green tea, spearmint, lemon peel, lemon myrtle and your respiratory booster- Fennel.