Aries Gift Bag- March 21 to April 20

  • $75.00

Aries women will delight in the thoughtful curated items that go into their Shannon Astrology Gift Bag. Bold and self-expressive creatures, Aries will really like that Shannon Astrology products are creative and have ideals as strong as theirs.

ARIES - Sun Sign Gift Bag Includes:

• Your personal sun sign scroll detailing what it means to have your sun in Aries!

• A 12 square 65g bar of Chocosol Vanilla Sea Salt Chocolate made with organic and shade grown cocao

• A soy & coconut wax candle scented with pure essential oils specific to your sign. The Aries candle is made with juniper, rosemary and a touch of cypress. 

• An all-mineral lip gloss - Aries "Fire" lip gloss - matched to your signs natural element. 

• A stone or crystal aimed to help you with the folly of your sign accompanied by a visualization meditation. 

• An organic loose leaf tea blended with your sign in mind. Aries tea is Assam black tea, pink peppercorn, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and your immune system booster- Echinacea.