You Are Unique Astrology – $997.00

You Are Unique Astrology package is a bundle of six one-to-one sessions in which we delve deeply into what makes you YOU! I will act as your sounding board and companion, helping you to learn about your deeper motivations and how you can call a self-truce to achieve them.

The first consultation will be a longer one in which we will look back on the big events of your life. Using the dates you identify as significant, I will do a Chart Rectification to clarify your birth time. It might be bang on, but it’s usually not and having the correct birth time to work with is super important. We will then do an overview of your birth chart.

Throughout our sessions, we can cover a specific issue you’re grappling with, or explore how current situations are providing space for soul growth. You will decide the focus based on your needs and together we’ll use the symbolism of your natal chart to help you better understand your true self. I will offer up any wisdom I have gained on my own astrological journey to help to fast-track you on yours!

Benefits you’ll receive:

  • Pinpoint your strengths and how you can build upon them
  • Explore your relationship patterns and ways in which you get “caught”
  • Identify tools to help you with the challenging aspects of your chart
  • Learn about your karmic mission in this lifetime
  • Explore how current transits are providing room for you to grow
  • Discuss the family with whom you “chose” to incarnate
  • Look at the larger emotional learning arcs in your life

You Are Unique Astrology package includes:

  • Six hour-long 1-to-1 sessions with me
  • A rectified birth time to allow for more specific forecasting
  • Your Shannon Astrology Sun Sign Gift Bag
  • A meditation written specifically to empower your Sun
  • A copy of your Natal Birth Chart printed on parchment paper
  • Six Consultations + Bonus Gifts